My Dear parishioners,

 May our risen Lord who joined his two disciples on their way to Emmaus and revealed himself to them at the breaking of Bread, continue to be your guiding light.

 He never ceases to guide his people and provide for them in their needs. He inspired us last year, 2016, to embrace “ONE COMMUNITY MANY HEARTS” – Increased Offertory Program. We began it as a way of supporting ourselves financially as a parish. I am sincerely thankful to all of you who have shown a good understanding and positive disposition towards the program. Since we all now know the reason and goal for it, I will not waste so much time repeating them. I would not only commend you on the little progress we have made together, I would, rather, hereby ask for your enduring commitment to our parish, St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church, Columbus.

 As one community, but with generous hearts, we have shown that we can do better with our giving to the Lord. Our little increment has enabled us to pay our bills with ease and help a few more people than we could before.

 I request that we repeat this program this second year, 2017. I count on your encouragement. I believe you will do it with more excitement and, spirit of prayer and sacrifice which characterize us as Christians. I ask for 100% participation. This is part of Christian calling which we assumed at our baptism. I pray God to grant us the grace to live it out, because he will certainly bless us at the end like he revealed himself to the two disciples at the breaking of Bread, which was only at the end of the journey.

 May the Lord pour out his blessings upon you as you try to do his will, Amen.

 Yours in Chris,



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